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 Dream Rules

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PostSubject: Dream Rules   Sun Dec 06, 2015 4:39 am

Here is an overview of our dream's rules, the staff will enforce these rules and if you break them you will be handled accordingly.

1. Please only ask once for an apartment or a request; if the staff do not respond within five minutes then you can ask again.

2. Do not ask for events or apartment checks. The staff will host them when they have time to do so.

3. Do not ask for us to advertise via emits about digos, art, other dreams or anything else of the sort. We are not a advertising service, we are a dream.

4. Simple manners are always a plus, saying "please" and "Thank you" while asking the staff for help is always appreciated!

5. Chat at the desk must be kept E8 at all times, that means no sexual references, no burping/farting, no childish jabs at others; we follow Furcadia's standards on E8 rules. This includes but is not limited to: sex, violence, illegal activity, racism, abusive/offensive slander, religious persecution (or the use of a certain religion in an offensive way). If a Staff Member deems your discussion not to be E8 appropriate, they will ask you to stop.

6. Please do not AFK at the desk, it's encouraged that you AFK in the AFK room, or on the side pillows/couches that are available. If you are AFK for over 10 minutes while sitting at the desk you will be moved to the side or afkpushed.

7. Do not Spam the desk, that includes links, chat, random letters, anything else. You will be warned three times and then you will be removed from the dream until you can stop.

8. Do not start fights with our patrons, or other staff members. If you have an issue with someone or a staff member please contact the Manager of the dream, or the Owner.

9. Please do not use excessive caps locked sentences at the desk, it's very annoying and spammy.
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Dream Rules
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