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 Application Rules

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PostSubject: Application Rules   Sun Dec 06, 2015 5:13 am

Please read these before you submit a staff application for the dream, we will know if you didn't read these.

If you are applying for the dream because you feel like it'd be fun to be staff and don't want responsibilities, then please move on. This is not the dream for you.

- You MUST name your application: "<name's> application" for example: If I were to put in an application it'd be named "Zerra's Application" without the "".

- To be sure you don't lose your work please fill out your application in Notepad, or Word that way if you for some reason lose internet connection you still have your work!

- It is highly recommended that you answer all questions truthfully and honestly.

- Please explain in great detail on the scenarios, one or two sentences are okay but more detail is encouraged!

- Take your time, do not rush through your application. We want people who will commit to the dream and helping us run it, not those who want to constantly buzz around without responsibility.

- Do NOT under any circumstance what so ever edit your application without permission from the Manager or the Owner. Logs will be required when editing your application. If you edit your app without permission you will be auto rejected.

- You may NOT reply to your application, only staff and up are allowed to reply to your application. If you reply to it your application will be rejected and removed.

- Do not ask Staff to review your application, they will review it when they have time.

- If your application is rejected, please do not put in another application. Wait until another time when apps are open; and do not whine or complain to staff about it being rejected.

- Please do not use bright colors on your application, your application needs to be readable by our staff members in order for them to understand it and give their recommendation!

- If you've read the rules then please put the secret animal: Snow Leopards at the appropriate part on your application.
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Application Rules
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