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 Before you apply! [PLEASE READ!]

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PostSubject: Before you apply! [PLEASE READ!]   Sun Dec 06, 2015 5:24 am

The Complex is a fun and friendly environment, we want to build a place where everyone feels welcome in the dream. You must follow the rules and be respectful to everyone in the dream, just like everyone else.

- As a rule to start with, just to ensure we have mature people applying; our age limit for Staff Applications is 16. If you lie about your age, or are found guilty of lying about your age you will be removed from staff. I'm not only saying this for the sake of the dream but for the sake of the staff here at The Complex. We want a peaceful place, not a drama filled one because of someone who isn't mature.

- Please be aware that if you have caused issues in the dream, or have been banned from the dream previously; that will reflect on your application. The time between when we first see you, and when you apply is the time we will watch. If you cause any trouble or get in trouble with staff your application will be rejected depending on how severe you were punished for not abiding the dream's rules.

- Be aware that the staff will criticize your application, and that they are not trying to be mean to you. It's their job to make sure that we hire people who will help us grow vs helping us sink.

- Do your research on the dream: This means, but is not limited too - knowing the dreams commands, the staff, how the dream runs, the dream's rules.

- If you and your mate/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/ect decide to apply together, we will monitor you both. All drama and relationship stuff between you two must be kept out of the dream and out of the desk area. Keep all personal stuff to whispers, we don't want to see it/hear it. If you abuse your powers because your significant other has upset you then you will be warned.

- If we fire you, and you decide to re-apply another hiring period time; please note we will be monitoring your behavior in the dream and taking into consideration as to why we demoted you in the first place.

- Being "buddy buddy" with the staff will not earn you special treatment or a guaranteed rec on your application.

- Visiting the dream regularly and talking/becoming friends with our staff and regular visitors is highly recommended, if we get to know you well it'll help with our opinion while judging your application.

- Be patient. If no one views your app right away, then wait. Staff will review it when they have time.

- If you have read the "Before you Apply!" then please put this secret food in the respective place on your application: Strawberries
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Before you apply! [PLEASE READ!]
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