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 The Complex and re-opening

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PostSubject: The Complex and re-opening   Sun Dec 06, 2015 4:45 am

Hello all! My name is Zerra, I am the new owner of The Complex. I have decided to re-open the dream and hopefully run a successful dream with some regular friends to hang out with ^.^ I'm always open for whispers when I'm online! So don't be afraid to whisper me~ I love meeting new people Very Happy

As of right now, The Complex is undergoing construction. The apartments are off limits as there are no "apartments" for people to rent out, or working DS. There is also no items room, so most of the commands don't work. I will try and spare uploading a lot to keep things to a minimum and all updates will be within a week or two each time unless it's a dire reload or Furcadia decides to reload itself and the dream goes down.
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The Complex and re-opening
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